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Kodiak Island is located in south central Alaksa - sandwiched between Shelikof Strait and the Gulf of Alaska.  The Island is an extension of the Kenai Peninsula, and contrary to popular myth, there are no volcanos located on Kodiak Island.

We are accessible by air or sea.  The 250 mile flight takes about an hour from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines or Era Aviation.  If you choose to travel by sea, the Alaska Marine Highway offers ferry service from Homer, and the journey takes about 9 hours.

  Once in Kodiak, visitors can travel by foot, taxi, tour bus, rental car, kayak or floatplane for those not bringing their car or RV via the Alaska Marine Highway ferry. The downtown area is centrally located and most points of interest are within walking distance of one another. Whether you're cruising, ferrying and/or flying to Alaska, be sure your itinerary includes Kodiak Island.



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