Being a Kodiaker: Internet Directory

I have lived in Kodiak my entire life.  While on a family visit to Nashville, my father-in-law asked me what people from Kodiak were called.  I told him 'Alaskan'!  He laughed and said "no - I mean the people that live on the island?  What are they called?"   
Alutiiq?  Kodiakan?  Local?  I had a few answers -- but after much debate, we consulted Google -- which came up with KODIAKER!  Long story short, if you ask someone who lives here, I highly doubt they will come up with Kodiaker.  My goal is to change that!


Being a Kodiaker provides quite a few challenges and expenses from living in the 'Lower 48' or even on the Alaska Road System (Anchorage / Fairbanks / Homer / etc).   Moving to Kodiak is quite a challenge in terms of logistics. 

Eventually, I hope to catalogue and provide information to people who are moving to / from Kodiak, and provide a guide for those new to the community to figure out the things that us long-time Kodiaker's take for granted!


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