About Us: KodiakIsland.net Internet Directory

KodiakIsland.net was started in 1999 by Marylin Bell.  She had recently moved to Kodiak from 'down south' and she realized the need for an easy to navigate, comprehensive website to help visitors, transplants, and locals to learn about this great island community.  Marilyn documented her Kodiak based adventures on the site, including some scenic drives and bear viewing adventures, while cataloging extensive Kodiak & Alaska history.  Many local  businesses subscribed and advertised on the site, generating increased web traffic and revenues.

After 13 years of living in Kodiak and maintaining KodiakIsland.net, Marilyn and her husband were ready for a change of pace and plan on retiring 'in the Lower 48'.  KodiakIsland.net was placed for sale -- that is when I decided it was an effective directory that needed to carry on.  I operate a small flying service that offers bear viewing and scenic flights, and we had a listing on KodiakIsland.net for many years.  It was most often the #1 referred link and resource for people finding KingfisherAviation.com in 'Air Charters' and 'Bear Viewing'.  My listing was located at the bottom of the list, but it still generated significant traffic to my site. 

I feel that nobody should always be at the 'bottom' of the list.  Businesses try to get around that using AAA-business name or 1-business name to increase their ranking in alphabetical based directories.  That is why I have a script that randomly shuffles the business listings with no discernable preference (just refresh your page to check it out).  I am offering a 'top 3' listing for a premium, but even those will shuffle among the top 3.




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